Monday, May 30, 2005

The Benefits of Not Writing


I have pretty much taken the weekend off.

For a couple of reasons, first and foremost, my right arm is getting shooting pains and numbness from the pointer finger to halfway up the elbow. I do NOT need this right now and thought I better stop it in its tracks. Secondly, I thought it would be best to put both manuscripts away for a bit while I worked on NW woman stuff and remodeled my bedroom. I wanted to come back to the manuscripts fresh and ready. I think that will help me add words in the long run to POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME and the BIG IDEA. (Not its real name but I am in protective mode right now till it is ready.)

I have been doing crazy amounts of writing the last couple of weeks, both nonfiction and fiction and we also bought a new mouse. I honestly think it is the scrolling through the finished manuscript and the research that is hurting my arm as opposed to the typing. Does anyone else wear a brace? Thoughts?

This is the last day of the holiday weekend. I should take today off as well, but have two articles due tomorrow and I don't want to have to do them both tomorrow. I also need to get another partial off.

Oh, agent question. I had a vvery reputable agent request a partial... well, this is how she did it... "If no one else is reading it, I would like to see a partial of the manuscript."


What can I say? Several agents are reading it right now? If they don't like it I will give it to you? Snort!
That would make an impression. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

okay... boring blog is done:)


Shannon McKelden said...

You say to her that it IS being read by a couple of other agents right now, but that if she would like to take a look at it also, you would be happy to forward it to her. Chances are, she'll take it anyway. Don't be detered by the way she worded it.


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