Thursday, May 19, 2005

It goes well in Deadline Hell

Because I am crazy MAD woman hell bent for personal destruction, I said yes when my editor emailed me with three more article assignments due by the end of the month. Cause I'm just crazy like that. Doesn't matter that I have NEW IDEA weighing on me. (Which I have written the first chapter of anyway:) Doesn't matter that agent is awaiting complete of novel and I am afraid to send it and am compulsively dotting i's and crossing t's. Doesn't matter that my daughter's skate club spring newsletter must be done before spring runs out. Doesn't matter that I already have three articles due by the 28th, a huge party to plan for Northwest Woman Magazine, and a yard that more closely resembles the jungles of LOST. BECAUSE I'M JUST CRAZY LIKE THAT!

Ahem. Sorry about that. Moving on.

As I said, I have completed first chapter of brave new idea YA book. It goes well for first draft. Novel goes well too. I am finishing up added plot line. Just when I think it is a really good book, I get very fearful that it is not and I am wasting everyone's time. Normal writer's idiosyncracy. If at first you don't succeed, run to the closet and whimper till you get brave enough to do it again.

okay... off to write about bedwetting truths, morning sickness and dad's and flex time before I can even pretend to head for Pour Sugar on Me.


Shannon McKelden said...

Teri! You didn't mention you have a blog! I read all your posts, and you're a hoot!

Here's good wishes on snagging that agent's FULL attention! And thanks for adding my link to your blog. I'm finding it all over the place and feeling VERY loved! Also thanks for the congrats about MY good news yesterday!


Anonymous said...

I echo Shannon's good wishes on the agent :)

Anonymous said...

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