Tuesday, May 31, 2005

This may not be THE ONE

Another agent took herself out of the running yesterday.

Did not want the full manuscript, thank you. Verra nice, verra sweet, verra disappointing.

That is two out of the five who has it that declined to see more. So I just read the first three chapters... I am sending it out to another agent who requested it and I am thinking the reason that no ones wants to see any more is because it's crap.

This may not be THE ONE.

It is a kick ass query letter. A great premise. But perhaps the writing on this one isn't what it should be. Not shiny enough to set it apart from the pack. Or perhaps I have read it too flipping many times to be a judge of it?

Anyway, I have to make a to do list out today. I have two articles due and one that needs to be edited and sent. Lots of fiction work... I am almost finished with chapter two of the big idea. I have a publishing company that wants me to send my writer's bio and resume for a nonfiction children's book. Lots of work to do on the big event for Northwest Woman.

Back to the drawing board!


Anonymous said...

((((Teri)))) But that means there are still three out there who might want to see more.

TJBrown said...

Thanks, Bonnie! Am feeling a wee bit better:)

Jana J. Hanson said...

Don't give up hope!!!

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