Saturday, May 14, 2005

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

I didn't need a new idea right now. My novel is making the rounds and I continue to polish it. I have 13 articles to do, several due in the next week and a half. I have a high profile event to plan for Northwest Woman magazine concerning several Northwest authors, including Jane Porter, author of our first book club selection, The Frog Prince. I am working on my next Mommy lit novel, Dangerous Flirtations.


I was reading several blogs extolling the need for high concept YA novels. The first novel I ever wrote was a YA novel. I learned a lot writing that novel though I never sent it out for viewing. (For good reason) But this IDEA could be very, VERY big. And time is of the essence. I have the three book concept. I have the perfect name for the series, the perfect name for the individual books. I even have characters floating in my head. I just have very little on paper for obvious reasons. So. Should I write up a query, send to a couple of agencies and work my arse off on getting three chapters done or should I wait until the chapters are done. I am not published in the fiction world as of yet, though I have 2 nonfiction books published and many, many magazine articles... Does that, along with the regional magazine connection, give me the guns to just to query an agent who is looking for this material right now? What if they are already considering my chick lit novel for representation?

Ideas? Thoughts? Alcohol?