Sunday, May 22, 2005

Putting Together a Shindig and Other Sundries

This book lover's high tea I am doing for Jane Porter and Northwest Woman Magazine is great experience for me when I finally get to do my own.

I have a prominent radio personality coming... she is a writer as well, I can tell from her uproariously funny nightly commentaries. I also have the senior editor of features for the Oregonian coming and have talked to a few TV people as well, though I don't have RSVP's yet. I have two other authors coming besides Jane and I just received some signed copies of books for the raffle. I have a couple of donations for the raffle and a nursery is donating the flowers. This is a fun thing apart from writing... though a part of the writing world, I suspect. I can't wait till I am throwing my own eighty's party for my book release.

Yesterday was a mad, mad, mad, mad day. Too much driving around. I did finish up one article, though I will have to go over it today to see how it turned out. Very difficult one. Medical articles are like that.

I also did some more tweaking on my novel... YAY! I added some really good stuff and caught a lot of little mistakes. I am about 3/4 of the way done. I am looking for little things like continuity now... does she have the same mannerisms toward the end of the novel that she did in the beginning? Are there enough sub plots to give the story depth? Is the resolution too easy?

My big idea is simmering. Deirdre over at the Knight Agency said she would look at it, so it will have to be well done and well developed. I finished the first chapter, but my high concept line came to me afterwards and I will have to change it up a bit to fit. I really need to work on that.

Today, I will....

Tweak novel a bit more.
Finish bedwetting article
Work on Big idea
Make the changes my editor wants on two articles that I thought I had already laid to rest!

Better get to work.


Anonymous said...

Woo Teri it sounds like you have lots on your plate :) Sending you good vibes for all your projects :)

Diana Peterfreund said...

It's Deidre.
Agents like it when you spell their name correctly. ;-)

TJBrown said...


Duly noted and changed. Oddly enough I spelled it correctly in other spots. I must have had a brain drain.

Shannon McKelden said...

Good work, Teri! Keep it up!

And, you were right in your comments elsewhere...we do have a lot in common! Can't wait to meet you someday. :-)