Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (not necessarily in that order)

Sometimes the life of a writer can be a bit frustrating. The ups and downs, the numb fingers, the joy of an acceptance (Or even a reply;) the agony of defeat... oh wait. That's sports. You know what I mean.


  • Tried to add some links to my blog. Couldn't figure it out and had to stop before I broke something. (Number one frustrating thing.)
  • Dh forgot to pick up coffee last night so I am stuck with green tea. Which is probably better for me, but not the same, by any means. (Number two)
  • I didn't get expected check yesterday... Just how long am I going to have to wait, people? Don't these editors/publishers know I have coaches to pay? (Number three)
  • I wanted to sleep in and the cats woke me up. Why did I think it was a good idea to collect six cats?(four)
  • I finished up only one article yesterday. Which means I have two today and I desperately need to work on my fiction. (five)
  • Why, oh why, was I so stupid to let my fiction take a back seat to my nonfiction? I would be so much further ahead right now, both career wise and craft wise had I been more consistent. Oh, yeah, I had to make money, that's why. (Six)


Okay... to please the Gods of Karma or whatever, I must now write down six things that are going well.

  • My query for Pour Some Sugar on Me has generated much agent interest. Two of them from my, "would die to work with this agent,"list!
  • I am actually making a decent, if inconsistent, living as a writer. (That is an amazing, wonderful gift from the heavens)
  • My brain tumor is still a dead mass in my head and the radiation thus far hasn't turned up any ill affects like sprouting a moustache or a second nose.
  • My teens still like to spend time with me and my dh, when not making me absolutely bats, is still pretty fine. It's been sixteen years, so that is definately a bonus.
  • I've lost forty pound since November and even though I have about 25 more, I am holding steady.
  • My editorial jobs at Northwest Woman are challenging and fun even if they don't pay much of anything.

There, all evened out. I feel a bit better. Except now I am hungry!




Bonnie Ferguson said...

Hey TJ,
This doesn't really have to do with this post. I noticed on Gena's thread that you wanted to know about links. My template didn't have them so I went to the help section of power blogger. On the right side are the most popular questions. There is one about links near the top. If you click on that it will tell you how to do it.

Jana J. Hanson said...

I can help with html if you need it. Adding links is a snap!!