Thursday, May 26, 2005



My dh almost agreed that Reno would be a good idea for my career! So I just might make it to the RWA conference. Truly fab as I will get to meet many friends and perhaps score an agent if I don't have one by then. (I hope I do. I hope I do.) I think it would be a fabulous opportunity. I could actually drive there and save some money, though, airfare from here is cheap. I could also get a hotel nearby that would no doubt, be more economical as well... though I would prefer to be where the action is!

But there are ways I could do it and save money. Kimber... your mom still have a room avilable? LOL!

So who else is going????

What else?

I have several dialogues going with other chick lit writers also doing a YA. It is good for me to see that others have the same questions and concerns that I do. I think it will make the book better. I sent a rough to a new friend who is looking it over for me...just the first chapter or so. I need three before I can start shopping...three and a kick ass synopsis. I just have so much to learn. I wish I would have concentrated on fiction three years ago!

Speaking of which... I have to write a synopsis for Pour Some. The very cool agency asked for it. I think I will just send the first three and synopsis and look for ways to layer a sub plot into the book that would kick up the word count a bit.

Another awesome thing... Candy from Smart Bitches who Read Trashy Novels fame is coming to the Northwest Woman Magazine's Book Lover's High Tea!

I have three articles to finish this week and then I am going to let myself relax for a bit before tackling the rest of them. My hand hurts and I think it is the researching and scrolling that make it hurt so much as opposed to the typing.

Okay... let's get that article done before the day of running my children around begins!


Anonymous said...

Oh that would be fantastic for you Teri!!! Maybe I'll get to go to a conference in the future but alas not this year. Be sure to post and tell us all about it :) Doing a happy dance for you right now }:)

Gena Showalter said...

I'll be in Reno! We'll have to toss back a few drinks.

Kristen Painter said...

I'll be there for sure! You'll have to come to the Romance Divas party! (Details to come...)

Shannon McKelden said...

I'll be there, Teri! You should definitely come. You're enthusiasm and motivation for writing will soar afterward!!


Diana Peterfreund said...

I second what Shannon says. I always come back from conferences exhausted but pumped!

Oh, and about hte three chapters thing, all three agents who offered me representation suggested that 100 pages was a really strong proposal to go shopping with. And that's what we ened up doing. So just be ready for that possibility.