Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feel our pain

First novels.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. That's the advice I should be giving my friend Rachel today. She, like me and many other authors who's first book is making the rounds of editors, is waiting by her phone praying for the phone call. (I know that is grammatically wrong, but I haven't had enough coffee to know how to fix it. You can tell me if you like....) It's all so close. You hear of other people who only had an agent for a couple of weeks before they sold and why aren't you selling? Inside you know why. The agent made a mistake. Everyone made a mistake... you really do suck. It's the secret no one is telling you.

Why do writers do this to themselves? How do you know you are good enough? Is it the worst with your first book? I am hoping that I am so busy working on the next novel that I don't feel this way each and every time. Right now I feel kind of loose and unfocused.

I need my agent to call me.

So like Rachel... I just wait for a phone call.


Shannon McKelden said...

If it makes y'all feel better it took me nearly 2 YEARS, with a damn good agent, to sell my first book (which was actually the third one we shopped). Sometimes, no matter how great a book is, it just isn't the right time for it.

shannon -- waiting myself.

TJBrown said...

Um that doesn't make me feel better AT ALL! It does however make me respect you more... I would be a looney by that time.

SavvyChick said...

Reminds you of all those American Idol contestants who just *know* they are going to be the next AI and they are so confident. Then they audition and they SUCK. Whereas those who are the most gifted, are a bundle of nerves, convinced they can't sing to save their lives and they are told they get to go to Hollywood.

Don't sweat it Teri, you're goin' to Hollywood baby. I just know it!


Rachel Vincent said...

He he. Sorry, Teri, but it's good to know someone else is suffering along with me.

And I've come to the conclusion that Shannon is right. Timing is incredibly, dreadfully important. Seriously. A hot genre/topic will sell if you time it just right. And I think you're timing yours pretty well. After all, the Olympics are about to start. The winter Olympics. With ice skating...

You'll see.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I feel your pain. ;) Although you're not making this whole agent thing seem all that appealing.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

You and Rachel are one step closer though :) I think it's only natural to be a bundle of nerves.

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