Saturday, January 21, 2006

No Stress

My agent didn't not like it, she hadn't read it yet.


She mentioned she was going to read it over the long weekend and when I didn't hear from her... Well, being an insecure writer, I assumed she hated it and was trying to find a way to break it to me. Gah. How stupid can I be? So I get this email yesterday afternoon saying it was a crazy week and she would be in touch next week. WHAT DID THAT MEAN! She didn't say she loved it, just that she would be in touch... we would talk about it.

No no no no no. No way was I going to go through the weekend with that on my chest. Forget it! So I called her.

She just hadn't read it. We both laughed. Luckily, she knows what writers are like and no doubt dealt with this many times. Now I have to promise myself not to call for a long time because I don't want to be a troublesome client. I just want to be a selling client.

I have another article to get out and then will work on the rough synopsis of my new DTT.

I wonder if there is any profession that has been impacted by the Internet as writers have. Think about it. Beyond giving us another medium in which to ply our craft, we have support never before imagined. It used to be a pretty solitary profession. Now we talk with other writers on a daily basis. We bounce ideas off one another, learn from one another and network. Communication that used to take weeks now takes months. I don't think I could have been a working writer without the Internet. I mean, really, I hated the post office. I know what people say, well maybe you just didn't want it enough. Well, maybe they'd be right. But so much for the writer back then was trail and error. Getting writer's books and hoping they would steer you right. I remember... I tried it. Oh and writing on the typwriter. ARG! Not that I didn't adore my typwriter. He was fabulous. I even had a name for him. Herman. He boasted a small screen and erase tape. But he was still a pain in the arse compared to Peter. (My computer)

Because of the Internet I am a contributing editor for a national magazine and website. Because of the Internet I have an agent. And because of the Internet I have a huge support system. Viva Le Internet!


Rachel Vincent said...

Okay, I freaked out on Friday too and got in touch with my agent. I just emailed her, though. I didn't call. But only because I'm secretly scared of saying something stupid without my handy backspace key.

Are all writers as insecure as we are?

Gena Showalter said...

YES! I did that with my agent for the first 2 years of our relationship :) I kept expecting her to drop me or decide she didn't like me.

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