Saturday, January 07, 2006

I was so good

I so did not bug my agent with an email. I had already written one during their absence and thanked the assistant for sending me a copy of the magazine article. Told her we should send a copy to the editors. Offered to send her a book I got for Christmas. (She sent me a book and I got one by the same author as a gift) They came back to the office on the fourth so I didn't bother them. Am sure they are super busy. It took all the patience I could muster. See, I am so growing.

On the food front, I have done well. Made a lot of good healthy choices. Went to the gym three days. Drank too much Starbucks though. Think I may need to give it up for Lent or something. Can noncatholics give up stuff for Lent? But I am ordering nonfat lattes with a shot of almond. Much better for me than a mocha. I actually had two of them yesterday. I bought one on my way to the rink yesterday morning with my daughter and then a friend of mine drove past and saw my car. She came running in and told me she had about fifty minutes for a cup of coffee and we better go now. We haven't been able to connect much because of her new job, so I took her up on it. Oddly enough, I managed to take a nap later on, but then I woke up at three this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I do that a lot when I drink Starbucks... It seems like it waits twelve hours to kick in or something.

I finally finished chapter three of my WIP. How slow can I go anyway? Good grief. I am not as happy with this chapter as I was chapter two. Will have to go back and see why. Maybe I didn't layer in enough emotion or perhaps I didn't do a good job of anchoring it to a place. This is the first chapter when she is actually in the past so it has to be good and believable. Yet, it also has to be entertaining for the YA group. So I can't dwell on her fear, but move her past it. But I can't move her past it so fast that it isn't believable. I printed out the entire three chapters and will take the red pen to it, today or tomorrow. But not at a coffee shop. I don't want anymore coffee!


Rachel Vincent said...

What magazine article?

I've never had Starbucks. I'm afraid if I try it, I might become addicted.

Jill Monroe said...

T - in the Methodist church, we give up stuff for Lent. But this could be recent - I don't always remember it.

Rachel Vincent said...

Hey, that's great timing with the article! I hope it contributes to your sell. Also, the winter Olympics are coming up, and that's going to make a lot of people who normally wouldn't think about ice skating much during the typical day very aware of it. Did that make sense?