Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where Oh Where has my Motivation Gone?

Oh where oh where can it be?

Finished off one of many articles that need doing. Should be working on another. I have everything I need. It's a simple profile peice that would take maybe an hour if I were to crank the baby out. But my crank done broke.

I just want to work on my fiction. Tre horrible of me. I want to get back to Ana, who is currently languishing on the Oregon Trail, waiting for her adventures to start so she can get home to the year 2006. I want to get back to the Rink Rats girls because Madison and Rielly are waiting for their story to be told. And poor Serena... she's sitting there without even a first chapter to breathe her to life. (I am sorry Serena R... I didn't name her after you that was just her name!)

Do I sound crazy?

The last thing I want to do is write a profile piece or an article on The new ultra sounds. Don't my editors know that I have whole nother worlds waiting for my attention... or more importantly don't my creditors know that?

Oh bother. I'll write it tomorrow. Isn't tonight the start of American Idol anyway?


DisneyGal said...

Hi Teri! I keep reading your blog, but couldn't comment without creating a new blogger account (and just never took the time to do it until now!) Looks like you are sure on your way to success! Now that I have a blogger account again, I will visit more often! My daughter goes to school with a girl named Rielly spelled that way (the only other time I've seen it is in your blog!) Weird!

Christine Keach said...

I think your motivation flew into my neck of the woods! I've been working up a storm on my new manuscript. I'll send SOME of it back your way, but since it's taken me 7 weeks to even write one new sentence, I'm to be greedy and keep some for myself!

TJBrown said...

Hi Disney!! How are you???
I can't get to your blog right now, but will soon!

Rachel Vincent said...

Hey Teri. I know kind of how you feel. I don't have any non-fiction that needs my attention, but I'm having trouble getting motivated to do anything else.

I thought I was a patient person. I was wrong. And I've only been waiting for two weeks as of today.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

It makes perfect sense that you would want to work on your fiction :) I'm waiting to hear great things for you and Rachel soon!

Hehehehe I enjoyed American Idol quite a bit ;)

Jill Monroe said...

I can't beleive I missed Idol!!!

And I get you on the motivation - I snowed under with Girl Scout stuff and PTA stuff.

Next year - NO VOLUNTEERING (well, except for girl scouts)