Saturday, January 28, 2006

Strangly Relieved

Okay, the bad news. For several reasons, my agent doesn't want me to pursue Colorless in it's current state. SO I am shelving it for now, though I do think that I can rework it and it would be perfect... they are sending a sheet of notes.
I was pretty crushed at the time, but have snapped out of it. I tend to do that... get real emotional about things right after it happens and come out of it later with a renewed perspective. But I can tell you that I will never, ever, send another email out of emotion! HA! Some lessons come hard.

On the good news front they really liked the idea of Dead Teens Talking. Sure, the one I have written nothing on! They are sending notes on DTT.

I think the relief comes from not being in limbo anymore. It's very strange after working on a novel for so long, then working on a proposal and then sitting around with nothing to do but wait. Makes people crazy. You don't really want to start on anything else until you get some direction. Granted, I am not going to let my agent dictate everything, but, let's face it, when you have one of the best in the business with a reputation for building good careers for her authors, you wanna wait for her input!

So right now I feel relieved. I wait for notes, do some brainstorming and start writing! Direction! Purpose! YAY!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

That's awesome that they liked the dead teens talking idea!

SavvyChick said...

J is rarely wrong so you are in good hands. I like the idea of your new title. Shannon is awewsome and you guys are in synch. Viva la Teri!


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