Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ch Ch Ch Changes?

The changes are coming. I can almost smell them. No, wee one hasn't filled her diaper. Life changes.

Change number one?

Children's services is now eager to get the kids back to their mother. Is this motivation caused by a reluctance to pay childcare? Who knows. But as soon as Mom gets a place the caseworker said she would advocate the kids going back with their Mom. Well, Mom called me today and said she is 90 percent sure she has a place. Have crossed my fingers, legs, toes and eyes. Would appreciate everyone in cyber space doing the same.

Change Number two:

My own lovely ice princess has tired of her ice obsessed life and is going to high school. She has never been to school nor even on the big yellow school bus, but she has decided she wants it. The whole thing. Dance Squad, report cards, track team. Have reservations, but am going to allow her to do so. She can go as long as I don't see any big changes in her behavior and she knows it. I actually think it will be good for her. She doesn't know who she is aside from skating and I think her renewed interest in youth group and school will help her find her direction.

Change number three:

My son will be (knock wood) starting college this year. I can already see the changes in him from his trips this year and am excited for this new chapter of his life.

What this means for me?

More money for one thing. We have been spending thousands of dollars a year on the ice princess. THOUSANDS. I can get a new car. Get my own cell phone. Pay off our bills.

More time. I won't be spending hours and hours a day on the road. Ice princess will take the bus to school. My boy will be driving soon. I will be able to write more. Do some of the things I have been wanting to do. Kick up my writing career a notch or two.

But for right now, I will wait. Make it through each day. Know that this too shall pass.


Rachel Vincent said...

Wow, that is a lot of changes. I hope your ice princess adjusts well.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Boy, those all sound like huge life changes. I know the kids are resilient. You - hang tough. You'll survive it all. :)

Annie said...

Jeez! I don't talk to you for 48 hours and suddenly everything changes! Stop that! I have trouble keeping up, remember!

Hang in there hun, Starbucks is just around the corner!

Disneygal said...

Wow, sounds like you've had a real life-changing summer already (I read backward and caught up!) and now this! You amaze me! Glad things are going well and you got some child care.

Jaci Burton said...

Good karma, babe. You do a good thing and rewards come to you.

Sounds like your daughter is finding her own way. They all change as they grow up. Kudos to you for letting her.

Hang in there.

Lenora Bell said...

Hi TJ, That's so weird. I had a blog post with the exact same title a while ago. I'm glad you'll have more time to write--your voice needs to be heard! China is fun and I have more time to write than I ever have. But I'm in awe of people like you who juggle so much. Take care of yourself and let's keep in touch.