Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This and That

What to say, what to say?

Kids were gone yesterday. I got started on a couple of the articles I have due this month. If anyone's child contracted roundworms from somewhere or if you take measures to prevent that, I would love to hear from you. Having trouble finding anecdotal sources for that one. Didn't look at any fiction. Took a nap instead.

The boy is in North Dakota this week. I missed his call this morning at 5:30 am. Just couldn't wake myself up enough to run for the phone. The Lewis and Clark Rondezvous sounds amazing. He gets to watch a show called the Medora Musical while eating a big pitchfork fondue banquet. Gets to ride in covered wagons to eat a meal in the Dakota Badlands, float the Missouri River on the Lewis and Clark Riverboat, do a high ropes adventure course, tour Custer's last home, visit Fort Mandan, watch Calvery reenacters and all sorts of amazing things. They chose ten students from every state for an all expenses paid trip, so he will be amongst 500 other students from around the country. He comes in Friday. I miss him horribly. If he wasn't five inches taller than I am, I'd call him mini me. We are pretty tight and he often finishes my sentences for me.

I have read so many books this summer. Funny how that happens. When I'm stressed, I read more. Haven't picked up Diana P.'s book, Secret Society Girl, yet. That's next on my list. I have some more YA to catch up on, as well.

Hark! I hear a baby. She's playing my song again.


Annie said...

This is the summer that you have read books and it is the summer I haven't read one. Go figure! I understand about missing your boy, sigh. And yes, he is a carbon copy of you, only I won't tell him that!

Angela James said...

I'm from North Dakota and I've done all the things he's doing, he's lucky to have such a great trip planned! He's seeing some of the best NoDak has to offer so he's seeing some amazing stuff. And now I'm a little homesick, lol. He'll be home before you know it!