Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The pleasures of a good nap

Took a nap today and got a great idea. More proof that sleep tickles the muse. There I was, dreaming about working at starbucks (Even more proof I drink too much coffee,) and a phrase slipped into my brain. I want to have more children.

Now that isn't me, HA! So it had to be a character. A woman. A woman who thinks she wants more children, but what she really wants is a life. So there it is. The kernal that will make the book. Fun stuff. Delightful stuff. The stuff a writer's life is made of. Besides waiting, that it.

Speaking of waiting, I had some good news for OTE. It was requested by another editor. Very excited, but trying not to be. I thought the sucker was almost dead, but apparently, not quite. If that sells as a two book series deal and then LIPS sells with another publisher, that would make me a multi contracted author!

Ahem. Get a grip, Teri.

Spent the day without children, hence the nap. Worked a bit on chapter two of HOT. Spent the rest of the afternoon at a college with my boy taking tests etc. He is trying to get into a program where he can get his highschool diploma and his AA at the same time. Then he can just transfer to a four year college for his last two years. And viola! We get two years of college for free. Keep your fingers crossed. He has two more days of evaluation and then a private interview. We will know by September 11th. You know, just the day Spetember 11th jars me. We will be talking about something and the date comes up, like "You'll get it on September 11th," or, "We're leaving on September eleventh," And my heart stands still. I wonder if that happens to people who lived during Pearl Harbor. Does December 7th still resonate with them?

Will have to remember to ask my Mom.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo on the request, Teri!!! Sending good vibes your way :)

Rachel Vincent said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you on the request, Teri!

What's an AA?