Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I got five days of child care! I got five days of child care! I didn't mean to play hard ball with them. I told them I couldn't take the kids after the first of September and I got an offer of five days. Funny how that work. They seem to think that Mom is going to get them back fairly soon so I think that is one of the reasons they caved. I just couldn't let my writing career go in the toilet. I worked to hard for it. Plus... I am hella tired. So tomorrow or the next day I will be able to take the munchkins to daycare for the day. Good thing because I started taking assignments again for next month.

My son got back from North Dakota the other day and he had the experience of his life. We only had a few hours to talk after he arrived home(he had a camping trip planned) and he was so excited about his time there. What really struck me was how close his squad had become in such a short period of time. He told me that the parting at the airport was incredibly emotional. I checked out some of their MySpaces and am seeing things like "I left pieces of myself in ND and traded it for memories" "North Dakota changed me forever" "Bravo Company 1-1-1 is my new family" and things like that. These kids are in constant contact with each other and planning a reunion. He made friends from all over the US; Alabama, New York, Texas and Maine. I am so happy for him. Daughter had a blast at camp. She has never been away for that long before and even though she missed us, she was glad to get away and do teen things like tubing behind a jet boat, white water rafting, swimming and hiking. The son joined her there and proceeded to get really sick. I think the airplane ride did him in. So in spite of the wee ones coming to live with us, I think the kids had a decent summer.

No news on the writing front. Finished a couple of articles. Have one more to do before I get started on next months. Didn't get any fiction done though.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Teri :)

Annie said...

Sometimes playing hardball is the only way to get peoples attention! Glad you got what you wanted!

Rachel Vincent said...

I'm so glad you got childcare. Hopefully now everyone has what he or she needs to be happy and healthy in a tough situation. ;-)