Saturday, August 05, 2006

A tough Choice

Went to the bookstore yesterday. Wanted to get Shanna Swendson's latest, Once Upon Stilletos. Found it and Lauren Barnholdt's Reality Chick. And my son wanted the latest Artemis Fowl. Went up to the counter. $35.00. WTF? There were no hardbacks here. They were all paperbacks. GAH! Couldn't afford that. I had 30.00 cash. I looked at the books in my hands. I was committed to Artemis Fowl. Reality Chick? Once Upon Stillettos? Even the wise women of the ages wouldn't be able to figure that one out! When I finally put one down and paid for the others, I felt a deep sense of loss. This wasn't the road less chosen, it was the book not chosen and in my mind, a book is far more important than a road.

Oh, and I will never take the little ones to the book store again. Not a satisfying trip AT ALL!

Question... which one did I choose? Eh?


Christine Keach said...

LOL! Look at it this way. Now you have a reason to go back to the bookstore and shop some more!

Kristen Painter said...

Once Upon Stilettos was FABU!

Jaci Burton said...

Once upon Stilletos ;-)

And I hate when I can't get what I want *g*