Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Alpha Male

Since I'm in the middle of a traditional romance, I have been giving a lot of thought to the Alpha male. My hero is a chef... but he can still be an alpha male, can't he? What makes up an alpha male? Strength? Intelligence? Height? Forcefulness? Decisivness? What other character attributes make up the kind of alpha male that make women crazy with desire and longing?

You see, I'm not married to an alpha male. My hubby is short and balding. In fact, he's been balding for as long as I've known him at age 24. He likes to say he didn't get any hair until he was 13 and started losing it at 17. My male is funny. And silly. Likes to make up crude little jingles. He's very emotional and gets teary eyed over sappy commercials. He's more of a little banty rooster, all crow and no bite. He does have some awesome character traits, though. His absolute devotion to his family. An incredible work ethic. (My male does ALL the laundry, for crying out loud!) My car always runs, the bills are always paid, the refrigerator always full of food, (Yes, he does 95% of the grocery shopping, too) the wood shed always full by fall, the animals always healthy because he puts on their flea medicine, makes their vet appointments, etc. He makes my coffee every night so it's hot and fresh when I wake up in the morning. Plus, he works fifty to sixty hours a week. And fishes with his son, goes to the mall to shop with his daughter and takes me out for starbucks or drinks. And yes, he makes me tired. And no, you can't have him.

But he's definitely not an alpha male. I am too much of an alpha female to be really happy with a in your face, forceful kind of guy. (Though my hubby is sort of in your face... he is very hyper!)So my heros end up being a bit blah... because in my mind a real hero is the guy who sticks around for the not so happily ever after part. It's what they do after the sun sets.

So what kind of character attributes is an alpha male supposed to have? Who is your favorite alpha male?


Bonnie Ferguson said...

Some of my favorite alpha males are the heroes in Karen Marie Moning's Highlander novels.

Zinnia said...

A hero who is a chef? That's cool and unique!

Aw, I have one of those emotional men too. I TOTALLY relate and I love him even more for not being afraid to show his feelings. Hell, if he accidentally hurts my feelings and I cry (I'm a big wuss, lol.) he gets upset and cries with me. I'm serious. He really does. Needless to say, we have few arguments or spats.