Monday, October 16, 2006

This Week's To Do

I decided to call it this week's to do rather than Monday's to do because people thought I had all that stuff to do on Monday instead of giving myself the entire week. Not that this week isn't packed. I am on a mission to make more money this month than I ever have so I have a ton of things to do to make that happen. I am pretty packed. Plus I really, really want to get the HOT proposal off to my agent. I have been working on it forever. Really, how long does it take one writer to write three chapters?!

Without further ado... This week's to do

Do more research for Goodnites Round Up
Write Goodnites Round Up
Get expert source for Adoption Medicine
Get anecdotal source for Running Interference
Get expert source for Running Interference
Get anecdotal source for Breastfeeding Journal
Get expert sources for Breastfeeding Journal
Get expert sources for Fertility Journal
Get anecdotal Sources for Fertility Journal
Write Adoption Medicine
Finish chapter three in HOT
Revise chapter three HOT
Revise synopsis for HOT


Kristen Painter said...

I have SO much to do before I leave for the 3 Day Cancer Walk! I made a list last night and it was scary.

Anonymous said...

link isn't working...says it has timed out??????????????????


Jaci Burton said...

ack. i think you need to break down your list by day. looks to long that way *g*