Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Got my help!

You guys are awesome:) My agent sistah and friend, Stephanie Hale, and my recently agented fellow Oregonian, Elisabeth Naughten took on the daunting task of checking over my fevered attmpts at revisions.

I spent the last two days pouring over the first three chapters. When I say days, I mean the entire day... from 5:30 am till about 10:00 at night with barely any breaks for eating or driving kids. The manuscript is better... I think. Hard to tell after looking at it that long. I think I did what the editor wanted. I just hope it's still coherent whole with all the changes. I am a better writer now. My voice is more developed and I hope that came across. I refuse to get my hopes up, though. What ever happens will happen.

Better run and catch up on my nonfiction.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got what you needed! If I knew a thing about YA, I would have volunteered. ;-)

TJBrown said...

Thanks Rachel:) I know you would and I appreciate it!

Jaci Burton said...

Sorry I missed your post, Teri. I would have been happy to assist. Shout out on my blog or email next time you need help.

stephhale said...

I can't wait to buy a copy so I can finish it!

big hugs,