Monday, October 23, 2006

Things I Look Forward to This Week

NO! I did not get an offer! The title was things I look forward to this week, not things that have happened! Trust me. I would be a little bit more open if I did:) I winked because I am not a big believer in Karma, though my agent did tell me I should enter the GH because as soon as I commit fifty bucks.... Something will happen to make me forfeit it:)

So, no, Don't get your undies in a bundle. No offer.

  1. A short to do list that includes, two articles, prep for two more articles, revising chapter three as it comes in from my Cp's, and developing ideas I have for three more YA's.
  2. Enjoying the front yard that my dh and I finally got cleaned up yesterday.
  3. Getting a check from my main client.
  4. My children being in school.
  5. Finishing up Cherry Adair's, Edge Of Danger.
  6. Taking a whole bunch of stuff to the dump!
  7. A sleepover this Friday Night where I will descend upon my best friend's home and inbibe margaritas and watch as many Sex in the City episodes as we can. (her family is gone)
  8. A Halloween costume party Saturday night that my teens can go to.
  9. Finally getting a call from my agent telling me that I had an offer on my book. (that's just thrown out there for good karma;)


Christine Keach said...

Um, very subtle about #9. Congrats! Do we get more details?

stephhale said...

Wishing you major good karma!

big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you actually get an offer, or is that something you're hoping will happen this week?

Either way, sounds like another busy week!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Wait...wait...WAIT!!! You got an offer?????

Tell tell tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!