Friday, December 08, 2006

Amazement and a Reprieve

First off, I am still this morning amazed and awed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert we saw last night. Have you seen them? OMG! The Christmas story was lovely and it brought us to tears several times, but the second half of the show was ... Amazing. There are not enough adjectives to describe it. They played Clapton and Beethovan, the nutcracker and a song from the 6th century in Latin. The musicianship was breathtaking and the light show was jawdropping. My dh has probably been to sixty to seventy concerts in his life and has never seen anything as well produced and awe inspiring as that concert was. My kids were speechless. It was the best fun and just what we needed after yesterday.

We did get a reprieve. After the meeting, the mom wasn't sure what was going on. Then the caseworker called her and told her that they wouldn't be taking the kids... this go-around. My daughter and I are heading over to clean up the house on Saturday and babysit the kids while she gets an MRI. She will have to have surgery on her knee. Which means eight weeks of being pretty much immobile. So we will no doubt have the babies here for a bit at some point. Seeing how no one else is allowed to take them. Sigh. So for the moment we don't have to make a decision. But it will no doubt come. But not right now.

Thanks for the support! Hopefully, I can write now!


Shannon McKelden said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear this! Maybe if you spend some time with her, she will see how amazing her kids are and will learn to want to take care of them.

And I would have LOVED to see TSO! I've loved their music for years and years, and I figure if I can be moved to tears by a CD then the live concert would have really done it to me! What a wonderful experience! I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Thank God!!! :?)

TSO sounds awesome. There are a few musicians/groups out there with that type of range. Stuart Hamm leaps to mind (he can play the piano-based theme from The Peanuts on an electric bass guitar, and it sounds amazing). I'm glad you guys got a break, and an evening out. You needed it!

Anonymous said...

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