Monday, December 18, 2006

One Week...

Till Christmas. Still haven't finished the cards, made fudge, or made jelly ball cookies. But we did get the Christmas tree up. The way it happened really illustrates how my family has changed... remember how I talked about the Brown tradition of going to the Christmas tree farm? Yeah, well, that's no more. I have no time.

The Christmas Tree Timeline

11:00-Ice princess is working. Mom has to finish an article so Dad and son run up to a CHRISTMAS TREE LOT! Since we only had like ten days till Christmas we figured we'd have to compromise.

11:30- Mom and Dad jam it into the stand while Ethan takes off with a friend to pick up his sister's Christmas gift.

1:30- Ice princess comes back from work and she gets the lights on it.

10:30- Son puts on bulb ornaments.

9:am- (next day) Mom puts on the rest of the ornaments.

11:00- Dad pulls the tree topper out and puts it on.

Fun, huh? Well, we all worked on it, though not exactly together:)

Now, dd is at a skate seminar, son and dad are going fishing and I have another article to do.

But since I am alone, I may take a nap:) That would be a cool Christmas treat!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

You totally deserve a nap, Teri :)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Hon!

Jill Monroe said...

Right on, Bonnie! Always go for the nap.

Trish Milburn said...

Ah, fudge and naps. Sounds good to me. :)