Friday, December 22, 2006

My Birthday!!

Yeah, I know that I wasn't going to blog anymore this season...but... Today is my birthday. I'm 42. Yep, 40freaking2.

I don't think I have ever felt better in my life.

The next happy thing I wanted to report?

I wrote ten new pages yesterday on DASH! I am almost up to 15,000 words:)

I am going to kick butt today too! Cause it's my birthday and I'm going to tell everyone no!



Amanda Ashby said...

Happy Birthday, Teri, and have a great Christmas and New Year as well!!!!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Happy Birthday! :)

stephhale said...

Happy Birthday, Teri! When you are done kicking butt on pages make sure and kick back and have a drink.

Jaci Burton said...

Happy Birthday Teri! Hope it's magnificent and you enjoy it. :-)

Woo hoo on writing progress!!!

Rachel Vincent said...

Happy birthday, Teri! Sorry I'm late. ;-) I've been off-line all week.

Oh, and congrats on all the progress!