Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Cure for the Rejection Blues

I have found it! The cure for the rejection blues! It is..... drumroll please......


Yep, three glasses of vino, vin, wein, de wijn, vinho, вино, 酒... or whatever you want to call it, makes rejection letters humorous rather than frustrating!

I loved the character, but not the writing. I loved the writing, but didn't fall in love with the character. A fun and authentic voice, but not for us right now. Too old for us. Too young for us.

Snort, cackle, and hee.

Gotta love how many ways editors have developed to say no.

So remember, next time you get a rejection letter that makes you go "Hmmm." Wine.

In other news, I am smoking right through my December articles. Hoping that I really will be done by the 20th so I can enjoy vacation with the kids. You know, sleeping in, eating too much, etc. Hubby is going to do the Christmas letter. He is one of the best jingle writers evah and is going to choose a Christmas song and rhyme it to that. So I am so off the hook here.

The ice princess is going to be taking a seminar with Scott Brown, who I think was a 2 time Canadian gold medalist. It will be good for her to see how someone else coaches. She will also be getting a 45 minute private lesson with him. Costs a fortune, but hey, we are in it up to our necks, so might as well finish it out. She has been making murmers about college lately, I keep wanting to tell her "NO, that wasn't the deal. We have been shouldering your ice skating which is about as much yearly as a state university costs. Put yourself through college with coaching!"

Actually, I think it is OSU that is near a big ice rink. That wouldn't be too bad and she could teach too. And trust me... coaches make a fortune. Do the math. Meg's coach get $65 an hour. She has about 15 students. That's almost a grand a week for 15 hours of work. At least I think so. I'm not that good at math.

In other good news... I lost six pounds last week. Even with the vino last night. HA!


Kristen Painter said...

So...wine helps you lose weight? This is good to know, very good to know...

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo on the six pounds, Teri!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Six pounds in a week? How? Think it's possible to do that two weeks in a row?

I'm sorry about the rejections, but glad the wine is helping. I'm not a wine drinker, though Rinda thinks she can change my mind, but I do like Irish cream in my coffee. ;-)

Christine Keach said...

Great on the 6 pounds and hubby doing the letter. Sounds like things are going your way. Hope it keeps up!

Anonymous said...

Good on you, babe! My Coping Via Pie strategy doesn't seem to be panning out so well; I'll have to give your idea a shot instead. ;?) Does this mean I have to buy you diet coffee drinks from now on??