Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Requiem for a Car

My car is dying. Day before yesterday, I went to pick up a child and it wouldn't turn over. Checked everything we could check, and decided it was the starter. We pushed started it and got it up on blocks. Yesterday, Dh tried to get the starter off. Couldn't. When we had the clutch replaced they had to take the starter off and they bolted it back on with one of those speed guns. According to Dh those guns are the bane of his existance because they make it impossible for him to work on the cars. We push started it again and took it to a scary little place called the Start Mart. Thank Gopd dh couldn't get the bolts off because it turned out that it wasn't the starter, it was something electrical. Gawd. Push started it again and took it to the dealship. $300 later, the car is running. It was the ignition switch. Yay, right?


Twice while driving it yesterday, the clutch slipped. Which means I need a new clutch. Again. Dh says I am hell on clutches because this will be the third time we've replaced it.

Merry Christmas, Teri, you get a new car. New to us, anyway. Dh refuses to buy a new one. Says it depreciates too much.

Currently looking at: Aerios, Kia Sorrentos and Sportages, Jettas (which I really want, but they are spendy!)

Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Luck! :?) Does this mean no coffee maƱana? I'd say my treat, but with our potential credit fraud problems, I may need to count my pennies.... LOL!