Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh, Gawd, is it Monday Again?

Was a weird, weird weekend. It was both productive and relaxing and it felt like it lasted forever, though now that it's gone, I can't believe it's Monday. Do I have to make out a to do list?
I don't want to.

Actually, I sorta feel like I've been hit by a bus. I don't think I'm getting sick... I'm just tired. And I can't see too well, either. I think it's because I don't have my new glasses on. I can't seem to remember to wear them enough to get used to them (I've never had glasses before) so I can't see with them and I can't see without them. Double blind.

I have seven articles due this month and I'm going to try to get them finished ASAP so I can have the rest of the month off. Like a vacation or something. Yeah, right. A vacation in which I have to write the Christmas letter, send out the cards, finish the Christmas shopping, decorate, bake and in general make merry. The making mischief, I mean merry, part, I'm good at... the rest of it is kinda making me tired.

The Christmas letter is kinda getting me down. I am "known" for my Christmas letters. I use all of my sarcastic wit and really go off. This year, I have no idea what to do. Last year, I announced that I had a spanky New York agent. What do I say this year? Um, yeah, still have the spanky New York agent... no, I haven't sold a book yet, but by golly, I still have that agent.

Bah Humbug.


Jaci Burton said...

Focus on the positives of the past year, not the negatives. I think you'll realize you've accomplished a helluva lot. You've written how many books...your agent has submitted how many proposals? Look at all you did for the kids.

You've had a great year with the promise of really good things to come. Focus on that on don't dwell on what hasn't happened yet. :-)

JENNA said...

Just tell everyone your spanky agent is pimping your book all over town and if she doesn't get arrested for soliciting, it should bring you some ice soon.

Not witty enough? Write a short letter and tag a martini recipe to the bottom. After a drink or three everyone won't remember anyway.

Anonymous said...

What Jaci said :)

Anonymous said...

Jaci and Jenna are both right, Teri. You cared for three kids AND wrote a new book which your genius agent has out there right now. Not to mention looking after your own family and kicking it with your non-fiction. I reckon there are more ticks than crosses in that list!!

TJBrown said...

LOL Everyone! I am going to have to write up a blog of my sucesses this year. I am not really bummed... I just get frustrated with the waiting:) But then we all do!