Monday, April 17, 2006

All Jumbled up

I am not awake yet so I am going to just jot down the things I have to do this week even if they are not writing related. I usually make two lists.

Call in prescriptions for my medications and husbands.
Get sources for So long to Soy.
Send out questions for Sperm article(I lost everything in the email program crash)
Find Sources for FOlic Acid peice
Find Sources for Pregnancy and Anti Depressents.
Finish Revising Chapter five in Lips.
Get at least three chapters critted for CP.
Work out, what three times?
Cook three dinners this week.
Light a candle for OTE. (Sucker needs it!)
Check out Calendar and see how many trips to the rink I can consolidate.
Stop capitalizing completely random letters in a sentence! GRRRR!
Um Mail Taxes (Need to put that one at the top of the list, eh?)
PUt together new member packet for Skate club
Call hotels and see which ones will give us discounts for competition.

Okay... I am outta here. this is sort of depressing. Oh, I have the greatest picture as my background. It's a lovely picture of an Aruban beach. Palm trees, tiki huts filled with booze or something. And two chubby tourist, a man and a woman, laying in lounge chairs soaking up the sun. My son was like, "What's the fat people doing there?" That's when I told him, "Don't laugh, that's me and your dad in ten years!"

Still dreaming of the beach:)