Monday, April 03, 2006


They couldn't get my missing files back. Gah! The Geek found them, but they were corrupted so he is going to run some stuff at home and then try to open them here again... and he is going to help out.

I need my files back!!!


Other than that no news on nothing. Bah. Everyone else has news. A sale here, a final there. But I have none. Just a stinky computer that ate my files. Time for chocolate.


Rachel Vincent said...

I missed it. Who made a sale?

I'm sorry about your files. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the submission front.

Shannon McKelden said...

I don't have news. We can start the No News Club. Sigh.


TJBrown said...

Rachel, A very deserving woman in my teen group. Actually several have made sales.

Yes, the no news is no news club.

Jaci Burton said...

remind me never to let Outlook compact my files

ugh. hope they can recover yours.

Christine Keach said...

So sorry about your files. Can I join the No News Club too?

Anonymous said...

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