Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So far so good. Sent in my LIPS proposal. Some of the finest writing I have ever done. I sent in the revised synopsis and the first five chapters. Am busy rewriting the rest of the book. Am having a bit of trouble with six and seven. I had to kill a favorite scene in order to make the new version move faster. More dirt, less awwww! Better pacing too. So fun, so fun.

I have other ideas I want to get started on. One is about a couple of soon to be step sisters who are deadly enemies at school. I have a funny idea for pretend magic that was generously given to me by one of my talented Cp's. The other one I am toying with is called Homeschool Chick. A girl who has been homeschooled all her life starts in a regualr public highschool. I have a lot of funny ideas for the happenings at school, but I need something more. A hook of some kind. A plot would be good. Snort. Plus I am not sure whether she leaves school at the end or stays in. I think I would probably offend a lot of people by having her value the freedom she had as a homeschooler and decide to walk out.

Nonfiction is going better. I spent the last two days gathering sources and getting interview questions written. I have four articles to finish before the end of the month, but I think everything will pan out just fine. Still have a lot of work to do, but I don't feel so overwhelmed.

So Lalalalalalala!


Gina Black said...

Teri--I came over from Diana's blog to answer your question (or at least try)...

>> does anyone remember that old show(before my time I fell in love with them in reruns.) about the gambler and the gunslinger who kept trying for amnesty? <<

are you thinking of Alias Smith and Jones by any chance? I loved that series when it first aired and had a major crush on Pete Duel. :)

Rachel Vincent said...

Your first idea reminds me of a show I saw a couple of episods of several years ago. POPULAR, I think it was called.

And your second idea reminds me of MEAN GIRLS. Is that what you're going for? I think both of those did really well.

Jill Monroe said...

Hey, these ideas sound great!

Anonymous said...

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