Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rose City Reader's luncheon

Was fabulous. Really a blast. I met Serena Robar, who was practically out of her mind with excitement because the Border's people were selling copies of her book at the luncheon. The book isn't out till next week, so she wasn't expecting it. Either that or she's always out of her mind.

I also met the lovely Shannon McKeldon and her daughter, Jess, who knows as much about romance and books as anyone I have ever met. What a treasure that girl! My son is my reader but he's not much into romance novels. Shannon was as sweet and funny as I thought she would be and I want to live next door to her. Not only is she like the perfect friend, but she has hundreds of books. (I cull mine all the time due to space restraints) The food was, well, eh, but what can you do with a buffet? Besides, by the time we got food we were gnashing our teeth as most of us had starbucks for breakfast. We would have eaten anything. But our goodies bags held chocolate and that kept us from attcking the tartlets in the gift basket at our table. Which Shannon won. Lucky gal, though Serena was an ultra lucky one, winning three raffle baskets full of goodies. Shanon won two. I got nada. I did win a door prize with a couple of books in it. But I really wanted a basket... oh well, between Serena, Shannon, and the goodie bag, I now have a ton of new books for my TBR pile and I even was gifted with a sweetly scented candle and a bottle of wine. (thanks chickies!)

Elizabeth Boyle was a wonderful speaker. Had me truly laughing and wanted to come home and write. And Oregon Literacy got to take home some money. YAY!

I hope my new peeps had as fun a time as I did. they are welcome to hang out with our chapter and me anytime!

Plus Serena said something to me that was so profound I think I am going to have an epiphany from it. Will write on that later.

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