Friday, April 28, 2006

What a difference a few years can make

I picked up a new market yesterday. I hadn't really planned on looking for any new clients, but what you plan on and what happens are often two different things. It's been a while since I truly researched new markets. I kind of miss the hunt. The excitment when one comes through. If I had nothing else to do but write, I would probably do it a lot more. But as it is... I'm in the car a bit much. I can't really write full time. Especially full uninterupted time!

But what was really cool about this, is that the turn around was so quick. He love my resume. I remember several years ago I had to work to make it sound good. When I first started... yeah. It was bad. Now, it looks pretty darn good. And I can also add: My fiction work is currently being represented by Trident Media Group. Pretty darn cool.

I am done with nonfiction for the month. Get to concentrate entirely on my fiction which is nice. I just finished reading my CP's book. Is wonderful! Except I was so involved I didn't crit it. Now I have to go back with the red pen. Must get to that as well. I put that under fiction. Oh and I have a bunch of club stuff to get to, as well.

No one answered my question on character arcs... must find a list to ask.

Have a Big Readers Luncheon to go to tomorrow. Going to meet the fabulous Shannon Mckeldon and the talented Serena Robar! Woohoo. I really should figure out where this place is! The weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous!
Can't wait!


Jill Monroe said...

I do the same thing with my cp, Gena. I just get so involved in her stories that I forget to mention anything.

Anonymous said...

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