Monday, February 25, 2008

Diablo Cody

Seriously, chick is my new hero. Yeah, I know. Unlikely hero for a woman of a certain age, but hey, anyone who walked the red carpet with both animal print and tats, and wrote an amazing young adult character like Juno, has my loyalty. So she was a stripper, (a profession that pretty much enrages and saddens me), so what... the woman can write and won an Oscar, so this Bud's for you, Diablo, woman who wears thigh flashing animal prints in front of millions of people. You rock. (Of course, if you prefer vino, martinis or a bucket of gin, that can be arranged as well. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I'm pretty easy)

In other news, the secret countdown ends today. Wonder what's going to happen. And no, still can't tell you. Today is pretty packed. I have a month's worth of blogs to plan for the Class of 2k8, Laguna to go over and send in to my agent, and articles to get started on. Also have a doctor's appointment smack in the middle of it. Woot.

Happy Monday!

PS. Check out the snazzy new icon to the right, if you will... I am excited to be a part of the first annual Pulse Blogfest!


Jessica Burkhart said...

I was so excited she won, too! And she didn't go against how she wanted to dress and slip into something slinky and/or black. She looked great and it's a definite boost to aspiring screenwriters. :)

stephhale said...

Another Diablo Cody fan here. I haven't seen Juno yet, but I can't wait. Have you read her book, CANDY GIRL? If not, you should check it out. :)