Monday, February 04, 2008

Notes from the Cultasauraus Erectus

Smashing a lot of unrelated events into today's post. We'll see if it actually makes one good post or falls short.

Super bowl: Damn, that was a good game. Even watching them grind against each other without a score for quarters on end was fascinating because you got to watch Tom Brady get flustered. Also worth it to watch Eli Manning look around with his cute little pretend-a-stash as if thinking, "Am I really in the super bowl? Mom? Dad? Peyton?"

The last couple of minutes had us (and the whole bloody country) on their feet. The only problem was I wasn't with my son to watch it. We kept texting each other through the entire game.

Commercials were hysterical. Okay, not all of them. But the tiny head crack had me rolling. Loved the Clydesdales, as always. Who can resist bigass horses with heart? Speaking of hearts, what the hell was up with that heart that jumped out of that woman and stalked across the room with it's little ventricals a waving. That's just sick and wrong, people.

But Eli Manning is adorable. Someone give that boy milk and cookies. He and his team won the super bowl.

Fiction: She loves it, she loves it! My agent is reading Spell and loves it. YAY! Worked more in Laguna over the weekend, but didn't finish chapter two. Am a great big fat failure cause I should have finished it. Bah!

Nonnfiction: Going well. Have what I need to polish off two articles this week and get paid. Hoorah for getting paid!

See, I told you I just had wee bits and peices of a blog. Can anyone tell me what the title of the blog is from?


PJ Hoover said...

1980 Blue Oyster Cult album.
I saw them in concert (small venue) in 1987. So cool.
Glad your agent likes the new one!

Rachel Vincent said...

No package yet, but I haven't checked my box in a while. I'll check it this afternoon and let you know. ;-)

Amanda Ashby said...

Of course our agent loves Spells - she has very good taste!!!!!

Lexi said...

Now see, I liked the commercial with the heart.

That's great news about Spell!

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Hey, Teri! Congrats on the great response about your new book! By the way, I have a surprise for you over on my blog! :-)


Kristen Painter said...

The game was awesome! One of the best SB's in a long time, I think.

Mrs. Annie said...


Linda Sherwood said...

The game was great. I thought the heart commercial was weird too, a real "WTF?" response, there.

And congrats on the agent loving Spell. I am not surprised. :0)

daydream said...

Hey sounds like a lot going on. Happy that your agent loves your work and well that's it basically. Yey!