Friday, February 01, 2008

Do More (Cause you aren't doing enough)

Dh and I were at the grocery store checking out the magazines. Okay, I was checking out the magazines, he was loading groceries cause I can't do it right. (Bummer) And I noticed that 9 of the 13 magazines had a headline about losing fat. Of course, it was January, so that's understandable. But the next most popular topic was efficiency. How to do MORE in the little time you have.

I just want to tell these magazine editors thank you, because I for one, need to do more. I need to be more efficient, so I can get even more done in a day, because as we all know, therein lies the way to happiness. At some point, if I take their expert advice, my home projects will be done, my children will be perfect, my marriage will be filled with romance and great sex and I will have that perfect perky butt.

You know, I could really use a perky butt.

Even MSN got in on it this morning. I logged on and there it was... The Busy Mom's Guide: 50 Tips to do Everything Better and Faster.

I loved this one: Designate 30 minutes after dinner as a cleaning time... have everyone get in on the action!

Sorry, by the time dinner is over, my family is pretty much an inert mass. By that time we have been up since about 5:30 am, went to school or work, fixed food, ran errands, took care of animals, cleaned up the dreaded leaving-the-house-mess and fixed more food. We get the dishes done and collapse in front of the television like any normal American family. The only one who is ready for more action is my 17 year old daughter and it's selective energy... it only appears when her boyfriend is on his way over to pick her up.

As much as I would like to be perfect, I'm not sure I want to pay the price. I'm already tired. But in a Martha Stewart like impulse I did get up at 5am this morning to make sweet cream scones and mock devonshire cream.

I'm never gonna have a perky butt.


PJ Hoover said...

Never say never!
Maybe your daughter's boyfriend could come over and help clean.

Brooke Taylor said...

I hear you--I see all the things I'm supposed to do and need to find a paper bag to breathe in. All the annual checks for the house, the car, the pets, myself, finances. All the quarterly stuff, and the semi-annual. And I have to figure out feeding schedule for the landscaping and the lawn, it is just too much. I'm hoping to hit it big and get one of those fancy assistants who can keep track of all those things for me.

groovyinclinations said...

Hello fellow momwriter :)
You're a great writer~
Super bloggie!
mindy wilson

Sara Hantz said...

All this stuff is all very well in theory.... in practice, as we all know, too many things crop up and get in the way of efficiency. Well, that's what I'm telling myself.

Magnolia said...

I used to want to have the perfect home. Then I had kids and realized it just 'ain't' gonna happen.

Or as my kids like to say now after hearing me once complain about our house dog, 'you just can't have anything with inside kids' ; - )

But the real freedom for me came when it hit me...Martha Stewart has a legion of helpers! AAARRGGGHH!!

Momwriter Sonya

Anonymous said...

Word, Teri! :)