Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stained Class

So my daughter brings home this history test she is supposed to give her parents. I took mine over a glass of vino. Not because I don't like history or anything, but because it reminded me of school and anything that reminds me of high school makes me run for the liquor cabinet.

The questions came at me fast and hard. Things like, Who shot Ronald Regan?
"Um, Mark Chapman? Oh, crap, no. That was John Lennon."

What country held American Hostages for 444 in the late 1970's?
"Iran" I knew that one cause I kept a scrap book.

What is a pet rock?
Blank stare. "Um. A rock?" My daughter shakes her head. "A fad!" I yell, triumphant.
"No, a marketing scheme," she says.
"Trick question." I take another sip of vino.

The tension increased once I realized that the Dh had already taken the quiz.

Who said "I am not a crook!"

"Richard Nixon."

My daughter giggles. "You know what I put? Mrs. Doubtfire. You know, because at the beginning of the movie when they are making her over she says..."

I take another sip because I'm raising Jessica Simpson.

Actually, I did really good. Out of 40 I got 38. Damn pet rock. I even guessed that Oliver North was involved in the Iran Contra scandal. Where that came from I have no clue. But I did get more than my husband. Snicker.

In other news... I'm going to San Fransisco! It's official. I registered:) I am staying with fellow young adult writer and critique partner, Brook Taylor. She pretty much rocks and her book Undone has one of the coolest covers evah. I have been wanting to go to the RWA National conference for ages. Woohoo!

And what heavy metal band put out Stained Class?


Mrs. Annie said...

Judas Priest...duh...

Linda Sherwood said...

I take another sip because I'm raising Jessica Simpson.

ROFL!!! I think you remembered Ollie because he was all over the TV back then and that was before there were many channel options. I remember pet rocks, but I wouldn't have guessed it was a marketing scheme. I'm with you, it was a fad.

The test sounds fun; the wine sounds funner.

Anonymous said...

LOL! You made me laugh out loud--especially on the Jessica Simpson thought--and I had to hold my tummy to keep the stitches safe. ;)

PJ Hoover said...

Any Heavy Metal bands playing in SF during the conference? Remember when Bon Jovi was going to do the concert at BEA last year? But he's not really heavy metal, so I guess it's not a fair comparison.

Congrats on going to the conference!

Does that mean if I still have a pet rock, I'm out of date?

Rachel Vincent said...

You and Brooke are CPs? I didn't know that. She's in my RWA chapter.

And I'll be in San Francisco too!

Oh, and I got your package. Yea!

Lexi said...

Hey, that sounds like a history quiz I'd do well on! Unlike some other ones about the Constitution, the Civil War or the War for Independence.

That's great for you to go to SF! I hope you have a kick-ass time!

Barrie said...

Sounds like you are a history buff! You and Brooke will have a great time in San Fran! (I'm kind of jealous that I'm not going. ;) )

Amanda Ashby said...

See ya in San Fran, baby!!!!!!!