Monday, February 11, 2008

Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy

This is another patchwork quilt of blogs. The closest I'll ever get to actually making a quilt because I don't sew and have no desire to do so. (Does that mess up my Bri Van De Kamp/Martha Stewart aspirations?) So here goes:

1) Apple Crisp for breakfast is always welcome.

2) I love my agent. Enough said. No, wait. I need to say it again. I love my agent. Jenny Bent is a rock star. There. Done now.

3) Rachel Vincent absolutely rocks. I got a hold of an arc of Rogue and it blew my mind the F&%$ out. Left me almost speechless. I will tell you one thing... it is far more complicated and heart pounding than the first one. Several surprises. Lurve those werecats. You must buy this book. Preorder the sucker. Trust me.

4)Internet scandals blow up quickly. Hope they die down just as quickly. Oy.

6)The Grammys. Amy Winehouse? PUL-ease! My daughter and I were discussing it this morning and I accidentally committed musical terrorism and sang a few lines of Rehab which then got stuck in my daughter's head. Since she detests the song, she was pretty upset about it. So we hummed Gilligan's Island until Rehab went away. See, Gilligan's Island will clear out your mind, but is inoxious enough that it leaves on its own. Rodgers and Hammerstein Show tunes do the same thing. Just so you know.

7. In order to continue on my quest for perfection, I went through my family and work files and reorganized. My dh has the big important home and fmaily files... I generally take care of school stuff, classes, scheduling etc. Instead of having a file for each child, I bought a couple of big binder, put their name on the back and put everything in there. That left me a lot of room to expand my work file into the "home" file underneath it. I got all of last year's tax stuff together and ready to go over and made room for this years tax stuff which was on the top of my desk in untidy piles. I also bought a rotating desk organizer! I love it! I'm now tidy and organized, except I am thinking I need another binder for all the fabulous Internet recipes I'm amassing.

Off to work! Oh, and I saw the band who put out that album twice. Who is it?


stephhale said...

I'm with you on Internet scandals. I'm very tired of this one already. :)
And I'm also with you on the Jenny Bent rocks thing, which goes without saying, but isn't it fun to say it? :)

stephhale said...
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stephhale said...

Okay, so now I look scandalous. I accidentially posted twice so then I deleted one, not knowing it would say I removed it. So now it looks like I left a really juicy post that I didn't want anyone to see. Sigh.

Kristen Painter said...

I agree with you on the Amy Winehouse thing. Nice example of how not to live your life. Sheesh.

PJ Hoover said...

So funny, Stephanie! That is exactly what I thought! Ooh, what did she post and decide to remove.

Anyway, The Refreshments. You saw them twice, Teri? Really? I haven't been to a concert in almost twenty years. Do I need to get out more?

daydream said...

Hey, I loved Stray! I am so excited about Rogue! I can't wait!

Oh and I actually agree about Amy. She has this amazing voice, but is a walking add of how you can easily ruin your life. I feel sad for her.