Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane

And my to do list is out of this world.

To Do List

Get sources for toy IQ article
Send out questions for IQ article
Write IQ article
Get interviews from Nick and a hockey coach
Send out soy questions
Make out new articles due list
Get sources for Pull Ups articles
Write Hockey Hopefuls
Get sources for Parents in Control article
Get sources for prolapsed uterus article
Finish shopping for trip
Pack up stuff for trip including numbers and list
Crit two chapters for Dawn
Send Dawn CP hopefuls
Make out new member packet
Write out application for FS club
FS Board meeting Tuesday night
Get hair and eyebrows done
Get info for prom registration and send out
Pick up Megs prom dress
Make appointment for dog’s hair cut
Find weekend rides for kids


Jaci Burton said...

Holy crap, Teri!

*clutches own To Do list like a pacifier*

Rachel Vincent said...

Where exactly do homeschooled kids go to prom?

And where are you going on your trip?

Anonymous said...

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