Friday, September 19, 2008

GCC Presents: Death By Latte!

How fun does this look???

by Linda Gerber

Following on the heels of this summer’s killer YA mystery, DEATH BY BIKINI, DEATH BY LATTE (Puffin Paperback; September 18, 2008; $9.99) is a modern-day romantic mystery/suspense in the tradition of Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr.

DEATH BY LATTE Aphra Connolly, who had been living a quiet existence on her father’s secluded island resort, until Seth Mulo turns up and steals her heart… and provides information that leads her to find her mom in Seattle. But the reunion isn’t quite what she expected. Aphra’s mom, Natalie, doesn’t seem happy to see Aphra, and Natalie’s boyfriend, Joe, insists that Aphra go home. Even worse, Seth shows up, only to ask her to return the ring he had given her that summer. At least Natalie’s good-looking neighbor is sympathetic. But when Joe is found dead at a nearby coffee shop, Aphra discovers her whole trip to Seattle has been based on a lie. And now someone just might be trying to kill her. . . .

Praise for DEATH BY LATTE:

“Great characters, plot twists, and non-stop action and excitement.”
YA Books Central

“Full of action, suspense, and mystery, Death by Latte is a thrilling edition to the Death by series!”
The Story Siren



PJ Hoover said...

Awesome review! It looks totally fun!

sweetmelissa818 said...

I can't wait to read it! Amazing.

Liviania said...

Reading the blurb makes me sad because I don't have the book. . . . yet. ^^

pepsivanilla said...

I can't wait for this book to come out! It sounds so good :)

Breanna said...

Great review! I can't wait to read Death By Latte. It sounds sooooo good =)


ellie said...

Your wonderful review has me so interested. Thanks.

K8 said...

I so want to read the books!

TruBlu93 said...

i love the catchy titles but the insight on the book just made it all the more better. i have to read these books

Book~Adorer said...

Of course it's fun! but need to get my hands on Latte for more fun!

Paradox said...

I want to read it!

Book Spot said...

It's great to see a quote fromt he Story Siren about the book :)


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