Tuesday, June 20, 2006


did I forget that I had two articles due on Thursday? Add that to the one from last week that didn't get done(thanks to the aforementioned PR person and tardy expert), and you have a week that is insane. July is filling up with articles, but on the upside I was able to go over LIPS in the wee hours of Monday morning and got it sent out. Just have to wait for Agent McDreamy to read it and we can start selling the sucker!

Now to get those articles done.

Fisher boy took off for Canada early Sunday morning. So my driving is way, way down this week. Miss him already. So quiet when he isn't here in all his six foot teststerone laden glory.

The ice princess had her competition on Sunday, as well. She bombed her dramatic. Fell on an axel, for crying out loud. But even when she is bad, her natural grace and speed comes through and she ended up placing third. WOW. That was an unlooked for gifty. She came off the ice bawling and then got third. In the team event(where four members each have to perform an element)she pulled off a gorgy double loop jump and helped her team place first. It was really no contest. Each of them did well and when the girl from our team landed a double toe, double toe, we knew we had won. The coaches put together their team from their students and the girls so wanted to win for their coach. It was awesome. They were placed first all the way across the line. Not a bad showing at all. Now we have state games. The ice princess will be doing her Intermediate short and her dramatic.

Okay, am rink bound then must come home and work like there's no tomorrow.

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