Sunday, June 11, 2006

Need drinkies will travel

GAWD! I am so sick of weeding/watering/hauling/trimming, I could just spit!

My hands are a bloody freaking mess. Packed a huge pile of rose bush clipping from the backyard into the truck. (The same climbing rose I cut to shreds the other day. Poor thing. Poor thing my butt, that should teach it from sending 25 foot canes up into the trees! Of course, when it blooms in early spring it is breathaking. Must have had thousands of perfectly formed tiny teacup pink roses. But still. We call it the monster roses cause when we had it on the side of the house it grew INTO our attic! We moved it.


It is looking verra nice if I do say so myself. Still have a large portion of the backyard to do and then back to the front yard. And then the barkdust. Then I am DONE!

Bout time.

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