Saturday, June 17, 2006

I have a question... (Warning major whine)

My question is thus.

Where is the life I was supposed to have?

Not that I'm complaining about my life. Okay, maybe a little. Maybe my question shold be, is everyone this busy?

The weeks pass in a blur.

Have the kids done enough school today? Who has to work? Does she have a lesson? When is her next ortho appointment? Did I take my medication today? When do I need to make an appointment for my next blood test? Does my bank do a Canadian cash exchange? If I don't pick up the dry cleaning for a couple of days, will they throw it away? What time does he have to be at the church to take off for Canada? Why did the ESD mark him as private schooled when we have been compliant homeschoolers for his entire life and why does the DMV have to have proof of enrollment so the kid can get his driver's permit? Just how long am I going to have to be digging jungle vine out of my flower bed and why is grass so tough to pull out? Why is her former friend trying to make her life hell? Why can't experts and PR people tell the truth about when they are going to get you the answers to your questions? Do I really have to drive to the rink six times today? Why can't someone else cook dinner? Why did they have to drag my daughter into a statatory rape case? How are we going to make it financially through July with me cutting back on my nonfiction for June? Will I be able to get her to the competition on time and get him to the meeting on time and not look like the walking dead? Am I going to make that deadline? How many mistakes did the skate club application have? How am I going to set up the notebooks and be volunteer coordinator for the club and vice president? Did I make the appointment for his state testing? Who is going to put together the birthday book she is giving a friend? Why does it always look like we are living out of my car? When and where is his next Youth Council meeting?



Kristen Painter said...

Holy cow. This is why I only have cats.

Christine Keach said...

Wow! I cannot complain about my life aymore, especially since I'm single and childless and I only have 1 job. (Well 2 if you count my non-paying writing career.)

Good luck!

Carrie said...

sending cyber margaritas. I need one just reading your list!

Rachel Vincent said...

Um, no, I don't have those particular problems. But I have a set of my own.

You'll get through this, and we're here cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Blah-ha-ha! THAT is my life...OY!