Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yard Work

Welp, it's that time of year again. The yard is taking a huge portion of my time. When we first moved here I became quite the master gardener. I planned, trimmed, dug and weeded. I also planted with abandon. My dh became a rose freak and we now have 13 rose bushes to go along with the 13 trees we have. We also have four separate lawns to mow including the big backyard. So my work pretty much never ends. Of course, when we moved here I wasn't writing professionally, just scribbling here and there as the notion grabbed me. Now, I. really. have. no. time. So the yard is neglected most of the time. But I give it one big push in May or June and get the beds cleaned out and dump bark dust on everything to hold back the weeds. My dh takes care of the roses except for deadheading so I just have the kids water and mow. But no one can weed/clean/rake a flower bed like me so I am the elected one. I do have to admit that it is looking very good as some of the things I planted when we first moved here are maturing. I will probably have a bbq when it is done to show it off and then it will be dreadfully neglected again.

My friend and agent sistah, Stephanie Hale, sold her book yesterday. She got a very nice two book deal from Berkley Jam. Am so happy for her and she was sweet enough to ask me if the news was bittersweet for me as I haven't sold yet. Maybe a bit, but that feeling was nothing compared to how crazy happy I am for her. How can you not be just delighted for someone so thoughtful that they would think of that in the middle of their JOY???

I'm going to go work on my manuscript. Agent McDreamy told me she would get back to me on the revisions ASAP and I would love to get the last few chapters done.


Elisabeth Naughton said...

I feel your pain. I can't even count the number of roses we least 26 in the backyard and 15 if not more in the front. We have hybrid-T's, climbing roses, hedge roses, ground cover roses. Our yard is beautiful, but it's a HUGE deal to keep up with. Lucky for me, my DH is the rose guy. Every time I try to tend them, I end up looking like I went nine rounds and the roses ALWAYS win. ;)

Congrats to your friend. A first sale is so exciting! I'm glad you're so happy for her.

Now, go finish LIPS.

Tempest Knight said...

Now that I bought a house with a patio I can't wait to get my hands dirty and plant something. Okay, I already started. I planted 23 "crux de Malt" plants. *g*

Rachel Vincent said...

I don't do roses, but we have tons of trees--seriously, they're everywhere--and several flowerbeds and bushes. And fresh sod on the parts of our land that keep refusing to grow grass.

I hate Oklahoma dirt.

Congrats to your agency sister, and it's wonderful that you're so happy for her!

stephhale said...

You are so sweet! Okay, we're both sweet! Your time is coming soon!!!! I can feel it! I'm probably going to have to start one of these blogs of my own soon, huh? Dreading it,not sure I have the ability to be witty every day! Thanks for mentioning me in yours, I feel SO important! :)

Jaci Burton said... that's a task.

And as I went out and picked up the mail this afternoon I ignored the weeds clamoring for my attention. Our beds are a mess.

And I hate Oklahoma dirt too, Rachel.

Mega congrats to Stephanie! Nothing in the world like that first sale! Well, or any sale for that matter *g*

And she's right...your time is coming, Teri :-)