Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yay me:)

Got seven things done on my list. Course, some of them were really simple. I do the easy ones first because it makes me feel better to have some lines crossed off. My husband does stuff and then adds them to the list and crosses them off. I think that's cheating, don't you?

I finished chapter ten in LIPS and managed three hours on my yard. It's looking nice. Have about 50 more hours on it to get it into shape! Still have to spread barkdust, but the beds have to be weeded out in order to do it. Why do the flowers all die in winter, but the weeds live on? I wanna know!

I am going to try to finish up LIPS in the next week or so. Am eager to move on to HOT.

No more to report!

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Rachel Vincent said...

I've noticed the same thing, only about my grass. It all dies in the winter, but the weeds thrive.

Why, oh why?!