Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The long sleep...

I slept for eleven hours last night. I was so flipping exhausted yesterday, I could hardly think. Which might account for my measly 2 pages on LIPS. Sigh. Was so looking forward to finishing up the chapter. Oh well, I guess I will have to finish it up today instead.

I did manage to do an article yesterday. Hopefully, I will do another one today before the weds afternoon maddness begins. I spend most of my weds in a car driving hither and yon. The ice princess has to go to the ice rink while the boy has math class then I grab both of them and cart them off to youth group. Then I get an hour and a half to myself until I have to go get them. Why couldn't the dh get weds off instead of Monday and Tuesdays?

There was some sort of shake up over at Folio... just heard a rumor, but not sure who got fired or who left. If you know let me know. I have a friend who just signed with someone over there and hasn't heard from her agent in several weeks and is feeling paranoid.

Got an invite to an authors and editors party that Trident is giving during Nationals. Am broken hearted that I can't go. Wah! Maybe next year.

Okay must get more coffee. I am having a hard time waking up from my long winter's nap.


Anonymous said...

Considering how busy you are it's not surprising that you slept so much :)

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Can I pretend to be you at Nationals? Think that'll fly???


I'm jealous of the sleep. Oh, man, am I jealous of the sleep!

Rachel Vincent said...

Oh, I'm bummed right along with you. Gena's been telling me about the Harlequin party I'm going to miss, and I really want to go.

What's Folio?