Monday, June 26, 2006

It's HOT!

It got up to 100 degrees here yesterday and will do so again today. Gah! We don't do hot well. I used to love the heat when I was younger. When you don't have to do anything except lie next to a river and drink ice cold beer, hot is fun. Not so much when you have to go grocery shopping and run errands. The ice princess and I hit the beach Saturday afternoon for a few hours. Was really lovely there and we had fun together. It's so nice to do soemthing with just one of your kids. Great time for parental bonding.


I finished the synopsis of HOT! All done except for some editing. I love having an idea of where I am going ahead of time. Never wrote out the symopsis before I wrote the actual book. Love it! Also found out that American Romance, the line I'm targeting only has 60,000 words, not 70,000 words. YAY! That sounds so much more doable for me. (Remember, I have been writing YA which is anywhere from 40,000-60,000. ) My Cp enjoyed the synopsis and told me that it sounds perfect. Will have to do a bit of research, but that's okay. Looking forward to it.

I have to work on an article coming down the pike and send out a couple of article ideas, but other than that... HOT all the way!


Kristen Painter said...

100 degrees? Wow, it hasn't even been that hot in FL yet.

Anonymous said...

That is hot {:0

Way to go on finishing the synopsis, Teri!!!

Jaci Burton said...

Sounds like HOT is the theme, huh? *g*

Congrats on the synopsis. I loathe writing them but they're wonderful for giving you story direction. Good luck!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I'm melting!

102 is a little much for me.

Stay cool.

Christine Keach said...

Congrats on finishing the synopsis!

Carrie said...

Wohoo on the synopsis! That's wonderful news, you're just trucking on along!