Friday, June 30, 2006

Just call me Saint Out of My Mind

Shannon Mckeledon sorta gave me that name.

Pretty much.

Today has been up and down and up and down. Haven't had a lot of time to think in between forms, home inspection, cleaning for said home inspection, and phone calls trying to get the stuff. The certifier said we should have no problem. Then she called and we had a problem. Seems like the eighties reached up and bit us in the arse. Snort. (no pun intended) So I called everyone and said it would be at least four weeks. Then a small miracle happened and now we are getting them on Monday again.

Up down, up down.

I will try my hardest never to badmouth Children Services Division again because they went above and beyond for trying to get these kids in our home as quickly as possible. It really is the only shot these kids have right now. Sigh.

I have been too busy to think, but frankly, when I do, I am overwhelmed. I have no idea how I am going to make this work. We live in a thousand square foot house, people! Big yard, but that doesn't do us much good in the winter.

I did no writing today, but need to get a couple of articles done over the weekend. One step at a time, eh?


Shannon McKelden said...

I see you answered my private e-mail question here. Monday, huh? Best of luck, dearie! I do think you are saint to do this. Not sure I could. But, it'll work, because you have the big heart to make it work!

Rachel Vincent said...

I'm thinkin' about you and your family Teri. You can do this. And the thing with kids is, just being there for them is its own reward.

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