Friday, June 10, 2005

Almost there....

Tomorrow evening I will know whether I have a full time position at the magazine. I know she wants to hire me, but it being basically a start up (having just changed owners) I am not sure what kind of backing she has. My dream goes like this:

Me: I just love working for you, I can do so much for the magazine (blah blah blah)

Her: I just love having you, you have been an answer to my prayers (blah blah blah)

Me: I would really love to be able to work for you exclusively. (blah blah blah)

Her: I think that would be wonderful! I need you to work full time, here's a big fat raise and let's go ahead and set up an office here in the Portland area.

We hug and cry and throw a super event wherein I totally prove my worth.

Nice dream, huh?

*The reality

*I had to take off the reality. Shannon McKeldon told me that throwing bad thoughts into the world was bad Karma. Or something like that:) So only good thoughts!


Shannon McKelden said...

You need to go back and remove the last 5 paragraphs of that post right now, Missy!! You can't be throwing out bad vibes to the Universe like that. It doesn't get the difference between jokes and serious wishes. So you better think (and write) ONLY happy thoughts. I'm checking back, and those stinky-thought paragraphs better be gone!!

Shannon - taking off her bad-vibe police badge for now and going back to work. But, it'll be on again in a couple hours if necessary!!

Anonymous said...

Sending you good vibes that the dream scenario is the real one :)

Shannon McKelden said...

Good for you, girl! You'll rock tomorrow! Tell Jane "hi" for me!


AGK said...

ONLY good thoughts allowed indeed!

Jana J. Hanson said...

Hope things went well!!