Monday, June 06, 2005

Oregon Weather, BBQ's and the Week to Come

I actually made it to the parties/bbq's I was supposed to.

The first one, an interclub skateclub picnic, went very well. It was located at Oaks Park, which is one of the oldest amuzements parks in the west. The kids had a blast. It is so nice to have teenagers whom you just let go. Though I did end up doing a lot of the work. There must have been about 150 people there. As far as the weather, it rained, it shone and then it rained again. Not too bad for Oregon.

Had to pull my kids away early as we had the graduation picnic to go to and had yet to get a gift. I spent all my time Saturday shopping for myself and didn't pick anything up for our graduate. I ran over to the Shane Company... a fabulous jewelry store, and found her a very lovely diamond ring. Just perfect and not expensive at all. (They have the best quality diamonds for less than anyone. Direct Diamond importers) It was small, but not a chip, and the setting was lovely, very contemporary. It took her breath away:) By that time the weather had turned ugly and was raining sideways and very cold. We ate opened gifts and ran for shelter.

Time to make the Weekly To Do List.

I have a gazillion articles to do and must work my butt off on the event.

I hope to get to the third chapter of my YA book and I have the rough done on my synopsis and hope to get that out as well.

I may post something to the critique group I joined, but I don't know if I am brave yet. I may just help other people for a bit. Figure out the system.

I need to work out all week.

I would love to go back to bed! Snort!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time :)

Jana J. Hanson said...

So glad the parties were successful!! Sounds like fun!