Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Fighting off Exhaustion

Now I've done it. I went and took a nap yesterday because the weekend's figure skating left me hammered. (She got 1st, 2nd and 5th, by the way:) So then I was up too late last night and now I am exhusted. I have a real love hate reletionships with naps that way. They feel so good when you lie down to take one... decadent even. Sleeping in the middle of the day flies in the face of our puritan work ethic. You wake up almost always wishing you could sleep more, but you know what lies ahead... the restlessness, the tossing and the turning and with a sigh, you leave your bed only to suffer for it the next day. On top of not being able to sleep well, my daughter spent the night crying because the ortho had his way with her mouth yesterday afternoon and now she is paying the price. I had to run and fetch hot cloths to put on her poor wee jaw.

I woke up with a sore throat this morning... my son has a cold, so I am hoping to avoid it by drinking green tea and popping some vitamins.

I am taking a work run to the coast. I have to tour a hotel they just did a 4 million renovation on. I am working on an article for NW Woman on the Grand Hotels of Oregon. I am taking my son and one of my lovely niecy girls with me. We will head over, shop and hit the beach and then do my tour. Should be a good time. The weather looks lovely. I really can't afford to be away from my work for that long, but I will make time!


Jill Monroe said...

Congrats on your daughter's showing at the competition.

I know what you mean about naps - I got into the habit when my children were babies. They're not taking the naps anymore, but I still am.

My roomates are VERY familiar with my need to "decompress" at National. I hate it when there is a good program right after lunch!

Anonymous said...


But congrats to your daughter.